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Friday, October 3, 2014

Habitat, Habitat, Have to Have a Habitat!

This week's class was all about habitats. We learned that a habitat is another name for an animal's home. Animals need to be able to find food, water, shelter, and have enough space in their habitat. On our hike, we found lots of shelters and food sources. We even saw a group of deer in the woods!
After we read "Box Turtle at Long Pond" by William T. George and enjoyed our snack of homemade applesauce, we met Bubbles the Box Turtles. We discussed her different habitat needs and spent some time writing in our journals.
The class had a lot of fun during the "have to have a habitat" activity in which each child was given an animal and a list of their particular habitat needs. To complete the activity they had to collect cards that matched their animal's different habitat needs. We learned that every animal has different habitat needs. The black bear had very different habitat needs than the mouse and the duck.
Next week we will begin our discussion of ecosystems! 

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