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Monday, November 10, 2014

Trees, Trees, Trees!

Last class we started our unit on trees and we had such a great time! Trees are vital to all life on earth. They provide important habitats for animals, they provide oxygen, they provide food and shelter, and so much more! 

There are many different types of trees in all different shapes and sizes, so to start out we focused on make observations about different tree shapes. Using our tree shape necklace, we were able to categorize most trees into groups based on their overall shape. We noticed that some trees are tall and oval, some are shorter and circular, some are tear drop shaped and some are triangular. 

Along the way we stopped to play with some Milkweed seeds and found a Praying Mantis! 
After reading "Are Trees Alive?" by Debbie S. Miller and learning about the different parts of the tree, we continued our hike to examine different barks. Beech trees have very smooth bark while Oak trees have thick rough bark full of ridges and valleys and Tulip Poplar bark is more braided. We examined fungus and lichen growing on bark an even enjoyed playing on the trees as well! 

To wrap up our morning, we spent some time make observations about branches and sketched them in our nature journals. Next week we will continue our unit on trees!

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  1. I love what you are doing with the kids. Keep up the fantastic work! PS love the tree name Swampy Jeanne it's just too perfect.