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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

People of the Forest

The site that is now Riverbend was once a summer village for members of the Schuylkill River band of Lenape Native Americans. The Lenape saw all living and nonliving things of the Earth as worthy of respect.  They lived lightly on the land and relied on the natural resources of an area. 

As we learned more about the Lenape, we immersed the class in their culture--telling stories, playing instruments and singing songs. What a group of musicians we have!
 We learned how the Lenape were mainly hunters and gathers and depended heavily on the river for a supply of fish. When the Lenape did hunt, they would use every part of the deer and the animals that they hunted. The class examined a bunch of various bones and furs and came up with a bunch of great ideas on how they could be incorporated into the Lenape's life. We dressed in deer skin clothes and played games that the Lenape children would have played to sharpen our hunting skills. 
Of course a couple of snow balls flew as we played in the welcomed snow.

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