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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who's Hibernating?

Because our winter weather is cold and harsh and there is not much food available, many animals hibernate to survive the winter months.Their heart beat slows down and their temperature drops and they "sleep" away the cold. After discussing a few of our local animals that hibernate, including Black Bears, groundhogs, chipmunks, snails, bats, and frogs, we went on a hike to find possible winter shelters for hibernating animals. We were very excited to see a fox while exploring the meadow! Using our hands we simulated an animal's heartbeat during the summer months clapping our hands very quickly and using a lot of energy. We slowed our clapping down dramatically to show how the heart beat slows to conserve energy while it is hibernating.
 For journal time they each received a picture of a different animal that hibernates and they had to draw the shelter in which they will spend their winter safe from the weather and from predators.
 After reading "Chipmunk Song" by Joanne Rider about a hibernating chipmunk, we made a little treat for the animals that stay active during the winter-- strings of popcorn and cranberries! Bon appetit!
 Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year! 

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