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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mammal Time!

This week's class started out with an exciting hike along the Bridlewild trail. We found lots of new discoveries including animal tracks and animal scat! We weren't quite sure what type of animal scat it was but we sure found it funny to say the word scat!
We stopped at a log covered with fungus that was frozen and hard as a rock. We found a Beech tree with legs that was perfect for playing. 
While exploring along our hike we found the remains of a White-tailed Deer. We were lucky enough to find the skull- complete with antlers!-vertebrae, and lower jaw. It was very cool to see how nature recycles everything. 
After returning to the classroom, we started our unit on mammals, the first sub group of vertebrates. We learned that mammals are animals with fur or hair, they have live young, and they provide their young milk. 

We will continue our exploration of  mammals next class!

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