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Friday, February 6, 2015

A Gaze of Raccoons

Throughout our mammal unit we have spent time learning about different local mammals, including the Bat, Virginia Opossum, and the Raccoon. Through stories, games, artifacts and projects we got an up close look at the lives of each of these animals. This week we made raccoon masks to magically transform our class of humans into a gaze of raccoons! We took our masks on the hike so we could explore nature through the eyes of a raccoon.
We climbed tree piles, searched for food, and played games like raccoons.
We took a break for a game of snow soccer leaving the raccoons to be the referees. 
We were silly and curious like raccoons. Below they are pretending to be shot of a tree cannon! 
Back in the classroom we continued working on our Opossum pouch project. We learned that Opossums are marsupials. Marsupials are pouched mammals that give birth to very small helpless babies that continue to grow in their mother's pouch. Other marsupials include the Kangaroo, Wallaby, and Koala. After learning about the Opossum, we made our very own marsupial pouch. Using felt and yarn, they carefully stitched their pouches together and then added their very own opossum to take care of. The class did such a fantastic job and worked very hard on their pouches. 

Aren't they just adorable! 
Next week we will begin our unit on Birds! 

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