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Friday, March 6, 2015

Inventing our own birds!

The past couples weeks have been all about bird beak, feet, and feather adaptations. We discovered that a bird's food source plays a large role in where the bird lives and the function and form of its body parts.
After spending some time exploring in the chilly rain this week, we returned to the classroom to invent our own unique bird species! Using this great template, each of the children choose one beak, one set of feet, tail feathers, a head, and a body. After coloring them however they wanted, they cut all their pieces out and glued them together. Then they decided what food sources their bird would eat based on the adaptations they choose and the ecosystem that their bird would live in. Lastly they named their unique creations. They did such an amazing job and really got into the project. They are certainly a creative group! 
Next week, they will use their 2-D versions of their bird as inspiration to turn them into sculptures! We will also begin our study of bird nests and eggs!

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