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Friday, March 20, 2015

Nest Construction

 To wrap up our bird unit, we spent the morning learning all about nests. After spending some time in the classroom observing a couple nests, we brainstormed materials that birds could use. While on our hike to the stone story circle we collected various items that we could use to build our very own nests. The class collected moss, dried grasses, lichen, leaves, bark, thin twigs, and even trash. Using "nature's glue", also known as mud, the assembly process began! 
It was interesting to see how they each choose to use different materials to construct their nest. They all turned out so unique!
We were excited to see our Red-tailed Hawk friend again in her usual spot above the stone story circle and we even spotted a flock of Blue Birds flitting around the hill. 
Next week, we will begin our Reptile unit!

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